Raum Angel


For the first time since Heaven and Hell live humanity, Palazzo PerlerHof overturns the rules and Selva Oscura, place of loss, allegory of sin, in which every man can get lost in its lifetime journey, presents something surprising and wonder takes over,resting just the maruelous.

Getting off the marble staircase, in the building caveau, the second ancient wood door unseal a special place committed to total relax in an atmosphere that looks after a new value: the time.

The time you’ll want allow for idleness and the art of living of ancient romans, among wines, food and polished spoils.

Here at Palazzo PerlerHof you’ll feel relief and drove through the harsh loud and wild Selva, in a journey to the top of the hill …. where you will see spring up the sun’s rays … “and then we came out to see the stars ….”